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John Nachlinger

Why we chose him:

John is helping men get through divorce process and have the support they need to have happy, fulfilling lives.  There is a lot of women, it’s nice to have support for the guys (we do love men too!)

One Thing he wants You To Know:
Men do not have to feel alone during a divorce. I want to give every man the plays he needs to execute during all parts of divorce and come out the other side ready to tackle the quarter in the game of life.
Resources From John:

The Men’s Divorce Coach & Mentor

Mindset is critical & decisions shouldn’t be emotional. Attorneys from My Happy Divorce guide us through pitfalls that men & women make in their divorces.

James and John share their sides of the Divorce Story so we can learn and better understand the guys’ perspective on divorce.

A man’s perspective is important in divorce. John and James and many men need support in healing post-divorce as much as women do.