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Divorce Survival Guide


Kate Anthony

Why we chose her:

In a nutshell, Kate is one of us. We have been huge fans of her podcast and when we heard the episode “It’s Not Your F*cking Job” we just knew we had to invite her into our exEXPERTS community because everyone needs to hear her message. As a Certified Divorce Coach, Kate helps people in the very beginning stages – even when you’re deciding whether to stay or go – all the way through what can be such a scary, dark and overwhelming journey. And as a real-life expert, Kate also “gets it” since she’s been there personally, so she’s able to work with clients with such a positive and uplifting spirit, which is what most people need when going through divorce.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
68% of second marriages end in divorce, as do 74% of third marriages. Doing the deep work now will help you avoid being among those statistics. Don’t kick the can down the road. Get real — and deep — with this now, and you can heal and grow beyond it.

Kate Anthony is a leader in speaking the truth about divorce, abuse and recovering from divorce. exEXPERTS asks her about an emotionally abusive marriage.

Kate Anthony, explains the ins and outs of divorce coaching. As a Certified Divorce Coach she can actually help simplify your divorce.

Kate Anthony, a Certified Divorce Coach explains why having a professional guide to help navigate your divorce process can be so valuable.