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Divorce Survival Guide


Kate Anthony

Why we chose her:

In a nutshell, Kate is one of us. We have been huge fans of her podcast and when we heard the episode “It’s Not Your F*cking Job” we just knew we had to invite her into our exEXPERTS community because everyone needs to hear her message. As a Certified Divorce Coach, Kate helps people in the very beginning stages – even when you’re deciding whether to stay or go – all the way through what can be such a scary, dark and overwhelming journey. And as a real-life expert, Kate also “gets it” since she’s been there personally, so she’s able to work with clients with such a positive and uplifting spirit, which is what most people need when going through divorce.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
68% of second marriages end in divorce, as do 74% of third marriages. Doing the deep work now will help you avoid being among those statistics. Don’t kick the can down the road. Get real — and deep — with this now, and you can heal and grow beyond it.

Kate Anthony, explains the ins and outs of divorce coaching. As a Certified Divorce Coach she can actually help simplify your divorce.

Kate Anthony, a Certified Divorce Coach explains why having a professional guide to help navigate your divorce process can be so valuable.