Family Law Attorney & Mediator

Corcoran Family Law Group, LLC

New Jersey

Sara Corcoran

Why we chose her:

Sara is well versed in the law, in the state of NJ. She’s a straight-shooter who wants the best outcome for her clients, and will assist and support with that goal in mind. She started to change the way people treat their pets when it comes to divorce and it’s groundbreaking!

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Leading with empathy and compassion results in more effective representation, better likelihood of settlement, and more productive and effective litigation, when it’s necessary.

For anyone divorcing with kids, custody and parenting are the most important topics. Our expert shares how to make the process as painless as possible.

Splitting custody as part of your divorce? Get advice straight from our expert attorney in order to navigate negotiations for custody and parenting time.

How are pets divided in a divorce? Pets are like family, but not when you are getting divorced. Read more so you know how best to handle the situation.

Pet custody of our furry friends, pets, dogs, pigs, cats, etc can be complicated when getting divorced. Read more here about keeping it fair.