Founder and Owner



Valerie Gordon

Why we chose her:

Valerie has simplified the process of telling your authentic story in a way that you can take pride in.  The inner voice is tricky, and she teaches you to tame yours (she named her inner voice’ “Squash”).  Coming from a place of trauma (like divorce) it’s all part of growing, understanding where you came from and how you can get to a positive place moving forward.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
You can't create a great next chapter in your life if you're struggling with an old or unhelpful inner story...
Resources From Valerie:

How to rewrite your story after divorce, change the narrative in your head, and move forward in your life is explained by Emmy Winner Valerie Gordon.

The voice in your head seems to have more negative thoughts than positive ones. During divorce & beyond, it’s important to identify the truth!