Divorce & Relationship Coach

Journey Beyond Divorce


Karen McMahon

Why we chose her:

Karen and her team get it! Karen is a real-life expert, having been divorced herself, and has created a program to help others work through the emotional aspects of divorce. As we know, in order to avoid repeating past mistakes, you have to look at yourself – not just blame the other person, and Karen relays this message in such an empathetic and helpful way. We know the exEXPERTS community can get a lot from Karen’s knowledge and expertise.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Divorce is a perfect time to reinvent yourself. When you face such a multi-dimensional transition, you have an opportunity to examine your values and priorities and from that place make changes.

Karen McMahon @JourneyBeyondDivorce has experienced divorce firsthand and is helping men and women move forward and understand what’s holding them back.