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Mediation is a great alternative to court when settling a divorce, but must show up prepared or you will waste time and money.

Divorced dads’ perspective on Father’s Day, co-parenting, mistakes made in marriage and reflection from when he was married vs. being divorced.

How to handle abuse in your marriage and recover from it during and after divorce? Emotional, intimate, marital abuse is real. Here are help guidelines.

After divorce, Dating app options go beyond Hinge, Match, JDate, Tawkify, etc. so how do can you be successful and not exhausted by it all?

Divorce is something that happens, but it doesn’t have to take over your life, unless you let it. Divorce sucks, so learn how to move on and let it go!

Financial implications and protecting your financial future while you negotiate your divorce so you have money on the other side of it!

Mother’s Day for moms is supposed to be great, but not when you are in a bad marriage. Post-divorce holidays are better as we heard from Michelle Dempsey.

Unfiltered chat about being moms, friends and live in general is what you can expect from this awesome girl duo – Cat & Nat are our Canadian sisters!

Dating during divorce, what’s a QDRO, keeping your married name, the benefits of a prenup and more to help you save money on divorce.

Who files first? How to avoid being bullied by your lawyer? exEXPERTS get the answers to important questions about your divorce from a divorce lawyer.

Why do people cheat? Can you forgive someone who cheats? Will cheating end your marriage or relationship? It’s up to you! exEXPERTS gets the answers here.

A “No Man Diet” or a “Female or Male Cleansing” is hard. exEXPERTS learned about the immense benefits of taking a serious break from dating and intimacy.

exEXPERTS speaks with Relationship Crisis Coach, Jessica Frew, about divorcing her husband because he’s gay. She shares tips and how to move forward.

There is a different way to divorce, and Heather MacKenzie, Co-Founder of Hello Divorce tells exEXPERTS actionable steps to move your divorce forward.

exEXPERTS explores the quandary of what’s fair vs. enough in divorce focused on your spousal support, child support, custody arrangement and more.

Sarah Armstrong shared so much with friends about her journey as a divorced mom, that she wrote a book so we can all benefit from her successful choices.

exEXPERTS speaks with Carmindy about a dating episode she experienced and had to share with you – this is filled with warnings about dating after divorce.

exEXPERTS is talking about the daunting role of being a step-parent or a bonus parent. It’s a new dynamic with kids, parents and partners.

Divorce is hard enough, so exEXPERTS interviewed Donna Stern, CPA, to understand the tax implications and options during and after divorce.

exEXPERTS interviewed Luke Entrup about harmonious coparenting and whether its possible even with a difficult relationship after divorce.

exEXPERTS interviewed Narcissist Abuse Coach, Kimberly Weeks about recovering from a narcissist and how to co-parent after divorce.

exEXPERTS speaks to Gabrielle Hartley about online divorce mediation and what to do in order to have a successful divorce negotiation.

How did I marry my spouse when I am so unhappy? How did I put myself in this position? exEXPERTS answers these questions in our interview with Tracy Ross.

Who are you? Do you really know? exEXPERTS teaches us with simple steps of how to reintroduce yourself to you after divorce.

exEXPERTS asks Jen Polt how she created a new business in her 50’s after being suddenly single and how reinventing herself has inspired others.

Jess and Daren shed light on why each of them felt their marriage didn’t work and what led to their divorce, how they handled it all and life as exes.

exEXPERTS speaks with Jen Hurvitz about warning signs of mate poaching, a new divorce dating trend. Listen to Divorce etc… to learn more!

Divorcing an addict is emotionally difficult so exEXPERT Kim Kassnove shares how to successfully handle the process, your kids, your family and yourself.

Kate Anthony is a leader in speaking the truth about divorce, abuse and recovering from divorce. exEXPERTS asks her about an emotionally abusive marriage.

Wondering where to begin after divorce and how to get it together? exEXPERTS interviewed Jamie Hess to learn some easy steps that we can benefit all of us.

The holidays when you are separated, divorcing or already divorced and now co-parenting are stressful! We share the must-know tips to help you enjoy it!

Dating an old flame after divorce is pretty common, it’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s fun but is it the right thing to do? Listen here.

You don’t want go back to court after your divorce is final, so exEXPERTS interviewed Kimberly Cook to help prevent that from happening.

Dating after divorce is overwhelming and what about dating apps? exEXPERTS interviewed Celeste Moore to get the insider tips on how to date succesfully.

Divorce as a source of empowerment and not trauma, that’s what holistic divorce coach Olga Nadal shares in this episode of the Divorce etc… podcast.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a role in your divorce negotiations, so be prepared and alert to the signs if you are misrepresented in court.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to understand money. Women, we are talking to you! Take the time to learn about money and investing today!

Hear the first-hand perspective from a client about exactly how exEXPERTS helped her through every step of her divorce, to come out stronger and happier!

Sara Olsher created tools that kids love, and has written books, all to help divorced parents co-parent while staying focused on the child.

Renee was a practicing family law attorney who helped others through their divorces, and found her third marriage to be the right one and shares why.

Taking charge of your life and your post-divorce plan is critical. This episode guides you on where to begin, moving forward and how to handle challenges.

Concerned about financial independence after your divorce and thinking about getting a job? Our interview will help you find a new job post divorce.

Legal abuse in divorce takes negotiating to the next level. Lisa & Chris help you navigate the court system and guide you on dealing with legal abuse.

Co-parenting with a difficult person, after divorce is hard. Sabrina teaches us how to navigate it all without hurting ourselves along the way.

What to tell your kids about your divorce is hard to figure out, so Grace Casper from Divorce Tips From Kids gives specific advice on how to handle it.

How should you handle a smear campaign by your ex? It’s an emotionally challenging situation that is difficult to manage, but we have tips on handling it.

Knowing what you can and can’t say is crucial during divorce, and lawyer Seth Nelson tells what communications you can use as evidence, and what to avoid.

It’s normal to feel like you’re losing your identity when you get divorced, and we have specific resets that help you move forward into your new beginning.

Money in general, then add divorce to it, it’s stressful. In this Divorce etc… episode we talk about the fears and give you actionable steps for success.

No one tells you how to prepare for being middle aged, no one tells you how to prepare for being divorced, except now. Listen here.

Dennis Vetrano tells you straight-out what you need to avoid when getting a divorce and what you must do. An interview if you are prepping for divorce.

Divorcing a narcissist is a challenging journey of recovery and self-reflection. Alyssa Dineen shares her personal story with exEXPERTS. You will be ok.

Co-parenting can be made much easier if you use a parenting app. FAYR founder, Michael Daniels, tells how and why these apps are game-changers.

Co-parenting is always difficult, even with an amicable divorce. Jay gets it, and teaches you in simple terms, how to work with your ex to benefit the kids

Most divorces end up settling out of court, and the founder of Amicable Divorce Network and mediator herself, tells you what you need to do to prepare.

SPLIT UP is a movie by kids for parents going through a divorce. It’s a platform for kids to be heard and an opportunity for parents to listen.

Make sure concerns over money during divorce don’t get in the way of creating a strategy for financial success.

Hear the 12 lifestyle factors that you can focus on, in order to manage and move on from the stress of divorce.

NY Times Bestselling Author Sarah Knight shares her witty wisdom for getting through life (and divorce) by facing the truth, but with a laugh.

Recovering from divorce can be a success and opportunity. Our exEXPERTS Lisa Marie Mazur explains how you can do this and live your best life!

Figuring out ways to move forward through the divorce process can be daunting, but a FL Supreme Court Family Mediator gives some great advice.

Protecting your kids when divorcing a narcissist is scary, overwhelming and expensive. exEXPERT Christina McGhee provides tips to help you.

There is a way to ensure your ex follows the terms of your divorce agreement, and that is by adding a clause outlining the repercussions if they don’t.

A Parent Coordinator may sound scary but it can actually help your co-parenting situation.

Fear of finances is common for women in divorce, but Dow Janes can help you get out of debt, and learn to budget, save and invest.

Trying to organize your life for divorce is hard. But Simply B Organized helps you with physical, emotional & calendar clutter.

Parent alienation is a horrible experience that affects many divorcing families. Dear Divorce Coach, Cherie Morris, helps guide and support you through it.

Divorce Lending Professional? Yes, there is such a thing. CDLP Emile Flowers explains how she should be part of your divorce planning from start to finish.

You all know the stereotypes we believe fit divorced men. Rob Roseman, the creator of WTF Divorce, is busting myths about divorced men.

What is your money personality? When getting a divorce, your approach to money is important during your negotiation of spousal support & post-divorce life.

Co-parenting during and after divorce is challenging. Amy guides us with tips to be successful parents during this stressful life altering event.

Stephanie Gottlieb tells us how creating a new piece of jewelry by repurposing your engagement ring after divorce is an option instead of selling it.

Post-divorce dating can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. Bela Gandhi from Smart Dating Academy can help you enjoy it and find a healthy relationship.

Finding a settlement-based attorney who focuses on both mediation and litigation and will use the best tools to find the best divorce result.

Surviving cancer and divorce, at the same time takes immense strength and determination and that’s how Barbara is leading by example of what’s possible.

A forensic accountant is the financial arm of your divorce team. If you have legitimate suspicions about fraud, then you may want to learn more.

Making the decision of whether to stay in your marriage or to get a divorce? We spoke with Karen McMahon about the signs to help you figure it out.

Wendy knows that Divorce Doesn’t Suck, but she wishes that she hadn’t been rushed into the process. Take a breath. Take your time.

Divorcing a narcissist, finding hidden money, mistakes men and women make during and after divorce and identifying what you can control are in our Top 5!

Custody and parenting rights, post-divorce relationships, divorce attorney relationships and divorce budgeting are among our top 5 Divorce etc… podcasts!

Life after divorce is a process. The journey from grief to happiness is a journey that everyone does differently and in their own time.

A real estate attorney could help you cover your a** when getting a divorce. Find out who your team should include if you own a home.

Amy and Travis from Divorced Over 40 talk to us about the importance of finding community no matter what age or stage you are at. Do you have your people?

Has your career taken off? Recently inherited money? Has your partner incurred a new large debt? You might want to know about post-nuptial agreements!

Tips on what to do in a sexless marriage, is divorce the only option? Maybe not…

Do you need a divorce coach? A certified divorce coach can help you navigate the divorce process, potentially saving you money and aggravation.

Mediation is becoming more popular these days when it comes to settling your divorce. You may be surprised at some tips we got from our exEXPERT.

Food doesn’t have to be the enemy. Mindful eating includes balanced meals, moderation, and avoiding emotional eating. This is healthy eating!

Tara, a child of divorce, REAL LIFE expert & now a divorce coach, takes her experience and educates others. We love her perspective on loving Divorce!

Divorce is 2 parts mental/emotional struggle & 1 part business. Abby helps her clients balance BOTH sides of this life-altering experience.

When getting a divorce, you need to know what is an asset, how assets that were initially separate could be considered marital, and much more. Must listen.

How to find the right private investigator and how do you know one can help you in your divorce are the questions answered by our exEXPERT P.I.

Wondering if money is hidden when negotiating your divorce? Melissa Gragg helps you understand how a business valuator can help.

Healing and co-parenting with your narcissist ex is challenging, to say the least. Ina guides you on how to navigate it and you will be ok.

It’s important you understand the words that come from your mouth. Not all exes are narcissists, but some legitimately are (others are just assholes).

The rare opportunity for you to hear what a judge would advise people who entered her family law court, and things you need to know when getting divorced.

Moving…yuck! Making emotional and intellectual decisions to part with marital items, childhood items, and your kids’ stuff post divorce is hard!

T.H. & Rebecca learned to co-parented with their ex-husbands to benefit their sons who struggle with anxiety, depression, learning challenges and autism.

Figuring out how much money you should be making in your job is difficult, but understanding your value is critical so you aren’t underselling yourself.

The voice in your head seems to have more negative thoughts than positive ones. During divorce & beyond, it’s important to identify the truth!