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For anyone divorcing with kids, custody and parenting are the most important topics. Our expert shares how to make the process as painless as possible.

Banana Splits was created to support kids going through a family divorce. YOU can bring this program to your school, Dr. Raymond tells you how.

With collaborative divorce, you get an instant team of professionals including mental health and family specialists to help you divorce outside of court.

What is an employability expert and what to expect if your spouse is having one in your divorce to discover your earning potential?

Getting a new job after divorce can be scary. Learn how to land your post-divorce job, even if it’s been YEARS or the paid working world is new to you.

Finances after divorce, especially if you didn’t handle the money before, can be overwhelming; but there are apps that can help you save and even invest!

“We Met At Acme” is a popular go-to resource for all of your dating questions, Lindsey Metselaar answers our divorce and dating questions.

Kate Anthony, explains the ins and outs of divorce coaching. As a Certified Divorce Coach she can actually help simplify your divorce.

During divorce, makeup and self-care might be the last thing on your mind, but Carmindy’s 5-minute face can return much needed confidence.

Carmindy Bowyer shares her divorce story, how she became a female leader in the beauty industry and re-invented herself 3 times!

Do you know your triggers and how to overcome them? By identifying your triggers, you can learn to regulate the emotional effects on you and your kids.

Are you a “sentimental stockpiler” or a “trasher?” T.H. & Jess talk about what they keep and what they don’t keep when they move and why.

Know why your credit score can affect your future purchases, loans and financial status. Learn your credit score, so you can have financial independence.

Mistakes people make when hiring a divorce attorney. Learn your rights and educate yourself so you can make good decisions and save money.

Tips for revamping your wardrobe post-divorce, while on a budget or on a mission for change! Hiring a personal stylist is a luxury that you could have too!

Anger and emotion, especially during a divorce, make it difficult to reach the outcome you want. Jen coaches you on how to help yourself and your divorce.

Coming out of Covid, Zoom and remote divorce is new for family law. It could be beneficial for the clients, but here are a few things to keep in mind too.

Looking in the mirror is hard after divorce. Understanding your relationships with yourself, taking time for self-care is important for your growth.

How are pets divided in a divorce? Pets are like family, but not when you are getting divorced. Read more so you know how best to handle the situation.

We’re talking about how divorce impacts your harmony at home, decluttering during divorce, and all things home organization.

What is forensic accounting for divorce and why do I need one? Meet a regular Sherlock Holmes of accounting to tell you where the money is!

You don’t have to be rich to estate plan! Plan for your future, your health and make sure your beneficiaries are lined up as you want them.

How and when to tell your child you’re getting divorced? What to say? How much detail to share? Here’s what to say (and not say) from a child of divorce.

A guide to help you achieve financial independence during divorce. Stacy Francis teaches us how to invest, how to save and to be financially literate.

High-conflict custody divorce is all about two parents not agreeing on what’s best for their children, making the divorce contentious and expensive.

Dating is tough; dating during a pandemic is harder, or is it easier? Susan Winter, the relationship expert, coaches us on do’s and don’ts of dating.

Not seeing eye-to-eye about how to handle Covid protocols is even more challenging when co-parenting. How can you handle it all and not lose your shit?

Going from married to divorced isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Surround yourself with the support to help you to Believe, Inspire, and Grow!

How can you pay for your divorce? Money causes stress and relief, if you have a plan and a budget for your divorce.