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Trying to organize your life for divorce is hard. But Simply B Organized helps you with physical, emotional & calendar clutter.

Parent alienation is a horrible experience that affects many divorcing families. Dear Divorce Coach, Cherie Morris, helps guide and support you through it.

Divorce Lending Professional? Yes, there is such a thing. CDLP Emile Flowers explains how she should be part of your divorce planning from start to finish.

You all know the stereotypes we believe fit divorced men. Rob Roseman, the creator of WTF Divorce, is busting myths about divorced men.

What is your money personality? When getting a divorce, your approach to money is important during your negotiation of spousal support & post-divorce life.

Co-parenting during and after divorce is challenging. Amy guides us with tips to be successful parents during this stressful life altering event.

Stephanie Gottlieb tells us how creating a new piece of jewelry by repurposing your engagement ring after divorce is an option instead of selling it.

Post-divorce dating can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. Bela Gandhi from Smart Dating Academy can help you enjoy it and find a healthy relationship.

Finding a settlement-based attorney who focuses on both mediation and litigation and will use the best tools to find the best divorce result.

Surviving cancer and divorce, at the same time takes immense strength and determination and that’s how Barbara is leading by example of what’s possible.

A forensic accountant is the financial arm of your divorce team. If you have legitimate suspicions about fraud, then you may want to learn more.

Making the decision of whether to stay in your marriage or to get a divorce? We spoke with Karen McMahon about the signs to help you figure it out.

Wendy knows that Divorce Doesn’t Suck, but she wishes that she hadn’t been rushed into the process. Take a breath. Take your time.

Divorcing a narcissist, finding hidden money, mistakes men and women make during and after divorce and identifying what you can control are in our Top 5!

Custody and parenting rights, post-divorce relationships, divorce attorney relationships and divorce budgeting are among our top 5 Divorce etc… podcasts!

Life after divorce is a process. The journey from grief to happiness is a journey that everyone does differently and in their own time.

A real estate attorney could help you cover your a** when getting a divorce. Find out who your team should include if you own a home.

Amy and Travis from Divorced Over 40 talk to us about the importance of finding community no matter what age or stage you are at. Do you have your people?

Has your career taken off? Recently inherited money? Has your partner incurred a new large debt? You might want to know about post-nuptial agreements!

Tips on what to do in a sexless marriage, is divorce the only option? Maybe not…

Do you need a divorce coach? A certified divorce coach can help you navigate the divorce process, potentially saving you money and aggravation.

Mediation is becoming more popular these days when it comes to settling your divorce. You may be surprised at some tips we got from our exEXPERT.

Food doesn’t have to be the enemy. Mindful eating includes balanced meals, moderation, and avoiding emotional eating. This is healthy eating!

Tara, a child of divorce, REAL LIFE expert & now a divorce coach, takes her experience and educates others. We love her perspective on loving Divorce!

Divorce is 2 parts mental/emotional struggle & 1 part business. Abby helps her clients balance BOTH sides of this life-altering experience.

When getting a divorce, you need to know what is an asset, how assets that were initially separate could be considered marital, and much more. Must listen.

How to find the right private investigator and how do you know one can help you in your divorce are the questions answered by our exEXPERT P.I.

Wondering if money is hidden when negotiating your divorce? Melissa Gragg helps you understand how a business valuator can help.

Healing and co-parenting with your narcissist ex is challenging, to say the least. Ina guides you on how to navigate it and you will be ok.

It’s important you understand the words that come from your mouth. Not all exes are narcissists, but some legitimately are (others are just assholes).

The rare opportunity for you to hear what a judge would advise people who entered her family law court, and things you need to know when getting divorced.

Moving…yuck! Making emotional and intellectual decisions to part with marital items, childhood items, and your kids’ stuff post divorce is hard!

T.H. & Rebecca learned to co-parented with their ex-husbands to benefit their sons who struggle with anxiety, depression, learning challenges and autism.

Figuring out how much money you should be making in your job is difficult, but understanding your value is critical so you aren’t underselling yourself.

The voice in your head seems to have more negative thoughts than positive ones. During divorce & beyond, it’s important to identify the truth!

Parents do the best they can, but when you have a special needs child you don’t know what to do! Then add divorce to that! We have tips & guidance for you!

Representing yourself in your divorce is challenging. Attorney Sandra Fava shares what you need to know, tips for being prepared, and things to consider.

Losing control of your marriage, your life & yourself? Cindy was. With mutual infidelity, she got a divorce, became a coach, and teaches what she learned.

DIY Divorce? Yes – it’s a thing and Hello, Divorce is one of the packages you can buy to help you get through an amicable divorce.

Real estate when you’re getting a divorce can be complicated so educate yourself so you make the right decisions about your home, especially since Covid!

Not all men are narcissists, but there are plenty of DIFFICULT men. Nawal is an expert in divorcing a difficult person.

Spousal support is among the most contested issues in any divorce. Understanding what it is, how it works, and what to expect is critical.

How do you pay for a divorce if you don’t have cash? Nicole Noonan, of New Chapter Capital, tells us Divorce Funding could be the answer.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is similar to navigating a divorce, Daniel from DO40 shares his experience and shares what he unexpectedly learned.

Relationship coach, Rachel Sussman, says to most men: stop drinking, close the dating app, and let’s focus on YOU. Men suffer just like women.

Parent Team helps parents navigate co-parenting after divorce. They prepare and teach you what you don’t know. Learn some important tips.

Want to shift your mindset? Improve your self-awareness and competence? A Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner could help you get there.

Nikki & Ben, authors of Our Happy Divorce, fell in love, got married, had a son, grew distant, and got divorced…but THEN they came together even better.

Divorce involves a lot of information, communication, and emotion. You don’t get many choices, but there is one thing you can control!

When you start a divorce, it feels like it’s the worst thing in your life, but through the recovery, you can see that it’s the best thing in your life.

Michelle Smith, the creator of Wife2CFO & CDFA, teaches us that a post-divorce budget should be 50% needs, 30% wants, & 20% debt reduction/savings.

By working with herself, and with her new husband, Lucy is learning to triumph over divorce after military trauma.

Real estate attorney Jill Sodafsky says to know where you stand and what your options are when it comes to your home while going through a divorce!

Divorce is not your new identity, according to the amazing Leslie Kaplan who has navigated her divorce with her positive attitude intact!

Becoming who you are “meant to be” is a journey. Karen was meant to be Mrs. Karen Stanley, after divorce, self-growth, and then her life partner appeared.

Susan Guthrie, a leader in the mission to normalize divorce, shares her personal story. An attorney by day and at night preparing for her own divorce.

Abby, a mediator & divorce coach, used writing to help her uncover her feelings about her divorce, a new marriage, and blending families.

Will I find love again? How do I handle a Disney Dad or Mom? Advice about co-parenting when kids are in two homes? We answer your questions.

Matchmaking sounds easy, but it’s not. Love Coach, Julianne breaks down the myths and explains why it’s important to manage dating expectations.

Are you an influencer? Do you “WOO?” (Win Others Over?) Dan helps you identify your relationship strengths for yourself & any relationship you take on.

Filing your taxes & understanding what you are entitled to can be overwhelming. We answer your questions here with the expert advice of CPA Michele Spence.

Despite a terrible and stressful marriage, Kristie stayed true to her skills of listening and encouraging others while starting her fitness business.

When looking for a job Jen suggests tapping into your skills and being true and authentic will help, even if you stayed home raising kids or had a job.

When blending families, be realistic. It’s going to be challenging for many reasons. Jenn says if you want post-divorce family success, be ready to work.

Financial landmines are everywhere during divorce. My Divorce Solution can help you prepare your financial info and hopefully avoid the pitfalls.

Margaret Josephs, known for her role in Bravo’s Real Housewives of NJ, talks about family, business, and how she has personally pivoted and moved forward.

Celebrity divorce attorney for Kanye West & others is very insightful in what to look out for, how to keep cool, and gives us celebrity divorce insight.

Dating profiles are overwhelming, where do you begin? Alyssa Dineen, Style Your Profile, created a template to help you. Think Mad Libs meets dating apps.

A child of divorce and divorced mom herself, Michelle Dempsey has created a platform to help others navigate divorce with empathy and actionable steps.

Relationship expert, Susan Winter, shares her tips to handle and enjoy your first date after your divorce. This is a scary and exciting time!

Have you been tested for COVID? When was your last STI / STD test? Do you use condoms? Susan Winter helps you ask these questions with confidence.

Date coach? YES! She helps figure out what type of partner is the right match. Spoiler alert: it’s probably not someone you profile on your dating apps!

You are NOT a whore if you want to have sex, catfishing, and chemistry matters. Those are some of the topics we talk about with sex therapist, Carli.

Covid created a shift that affected kids of divorce, co-parenting, and child support because some parents moved to different states. How do you navigate?

Self-Discovery anyone? Gabrielle Stone shares her journey of shock from divorce, relationships only she understood, and a solo journey that healed her.#FML

Mindset is critical & decisions shouldn’t be emotional. Attorneys from My Happy Divorce guide us through pitfalls that men & women make in their divorces.

Single in a home? Timisha, Toolbox Divas, teaches us what we must know when managing a home ourselves, how to fix things, and how to DIY!

Renee Bauer, now a leading voice in divorce coaching and moving forward shares her divorce story with exEXPERTS T.H. & Jessica.

Divorce is hard, and with kids, there are added complications. Check out these tips from T.H. & Jess before you sign that divorce agreement!

Simple tips to help you manage difficult occasions, first-time events (post-divorce), and the new life ahead of you – while handling the collateral damage.

Everything sex that you wanted to know, but may have been afraid to ask. Being single again you have a chance to do, and experience, things differently!

The right team can help you figure out what money you are owed, where the money is, and get your facts together when going through a divorce.

Marriages can be saved even if only ONE partner wants to stay married. See what our exEXPERT has to say about using Discernment Therapy to discuss divorce.

Just like you, we’ve had ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, and everything in between – and we’re still here, stronger than ever! Join us in celebrating.

Boundaries, methods of communication, who works for you, billing, etc, etc, etc. There are so many things to know before you begin!

You’re getting a divorce. Your kids are going to ask questions. How you answer is up to you, but here are some tips from our ExExperts!

Focus on what’s most important; the kids. Easier said than done, but there are some practical ways to stay on track for everyone’s benefit,including yours.

Does going through a divorce mean it has to be your identity forever? T.H and Jess chat with Tanisha and Najiyyah about this stigma that needs to change.

Estate planning is an important consideration after divorce or any major life change, no matter your age. Get your estate plan up-to-date!

How do you know if it’s real or rebound? We’re all for getting out there – living and loving life… but keep a handle on reality too.

T.H. and Jess have a conversation with Rabbi Adina Lewittes about spirituality, divorce, and the ways to serve yourself best during a difficult time.

When thinking about divorce you may believe the first or only option is to find the right attorney. But what do the other options look like?

What’s ok? All of it. We’re telling you, it’s ok. What you’re going through, what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking – it’s ok. YOU are ok. And so are we

It’s important to tell children of divorce it’s not their fault, but they ARE a part of it. Bella Duncan tells us how it is to have two homes.

Marriage counseling isn’t always about saving a marriage. It can also be about realizing you can’t and communicating that with your spouse in a safe space.

Can Yoga, nutrition, and Reiki change your life? Thara Natalie, our Head Wellness Warrior, teaches how this Trifecta of Success can help you unload baggage

Don’t believe everything you hear about eating and fitness! Hillary Irwin, registered nutritionist, gets to the truth behind the lies.

Whether you’ve been financially savvy during your marriage or taken a back seat regarding money, everyone should have an understanding of their nest egg.

Would you rather be happy, or would rather be right? Sometimes deciding what you truly want out of a divorce can help you take ownership of the outcome.

Just because you don’t share children doesn’t mean your divorce will be a breeze. Helen Archontou, our real-life expert, shares some of her own story.