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We are sharing our parenting tips! And the lessons we’ve learned that make communicating with your kids (especially during divorce) easier.

You’re getting a divorce. Your kids are going to ask questions. How you answer is up to you, but here are some tips from our ExExperts!

Focus on what’s most important; the kids. Easier said than done, but there are some practical ways to stay on track for everyone’s benefit,including yours.

It’s important to tell children of divorce it’s not their fault, but they ARE a part of it. Bella Duncan tells us how it is to have two homes.

Directly from “A Kid With Two Homes,” Bella, a child of divorce explains how it feels to be the kid! AND provides resources for kids to help them cope!

Co-parenting is made easy(ish) with Fiona Kong’s ingenious Home Sweet Home Journal to help kids transition easier between households.

Your kids may have two homes: yours and your ex’s. Jennifer Gallagher is no stranger to this double-home scenario and can coach you on what NOT to do.

Two sets of rules, homes and parenting styles – Jen Gallagher shares her tips and tricks for how to transition kids between two households.

For anyone divorcing with kids, custody and parenting are the most important topics. Our expert shares how to make the process as painless as possible.

Splitting custody as part of your divorce? Get advice straight from our expert attorney in order to navigate negotiations for custody and parenting time.

Banana Splits was created to support kids going through a family divorce. YOU can bring this program to your school, Dr. Raymond tells you how.

Do you know your triggers and how to overcome them? By identifying your triggers, you can learn to regulate the emotional effects on you and your kids.

You may not feel ready to tell your kids you’re getting divorced. Experts say honesty helps them feel safe. When you decide it’s time, here’s what to say.

How are pets divided in a divorce? Pets are like family, but not when you are getting divorced. Read more so you know how best to handle the situation.

Pet custody of our furry friends, pets, dogs, pigs, cats, etc can be complicated when getting divorced. Read more here about keeping it fair.

Co-parenting after divorce is difficult. To make it easier, you need to learn to recognize, manage and respond to triggers – it benefits you and your kids.

Ever thought, how does divorce effect children? And think, there really should be a support group for children of divorce. Well, there is!

You don’t have to be rich to estate plan! Plan for your future, your health and make sure your beneficiaries are lined up as you want them.

No matter how much money you have, everyone needs estate planning in divorce. This is how to ensure that your assets go to the right people post divorce.

How and when to tell your child you’re getting divorced? What to say? How much detail to share? Here’s what to say (and not say) from a child of divorce.

When you divorce with kids, should you write a new post-divorce will or establish a living trust? This infographic will help you decide!

High-conflict custody divorce is all about two parents not agreeing on what’s best for their children, making the divorce contentious and expensive.

No one wishes to go through a high conflict custody divorce, but some of us end up in them. Here are five ways to help deescalate this painful process.

Not seeing eye-to-eye about how to handle Covid protocols is even more challenging when co-parenting. How can you handle it all and not lose your shit?