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Co parenting is hard and parent expert, Jay Skibbens, gives tips for dads and moms as they navigate a new parenting situation with exEXPERTS.

MUST SEE! SPLIT & SPLIT UP: The Teen Years are amazing resources for parents & kids going through divorce. KIDS are speaking up, so parents need to listen!

Co-parenting with a difficult ex leads to questions, fear and can be overwhelming. Christina McGhee helps you avoid some common mistakes.

Protecting yourself in case your ex doesn’t follow the divorce agreement can be a lifesaver. Tracy Malone explains how to do this with a simple clause.

Needing a Parent Coordinator may sound scary, but it can actually be a benefit in high-conflict divorce.

Parent alienation is when your ex tries to ruin your relationship with your kids. Dear Divorce Coach, Cherie Morris explains how to handle it.

Divorce with kids is a situation that most parents are afraid to deal with, so they stay married for the kids, thinking it’s best, but it really isn’t.

A parent advocate can help a divorcing couple co-parent with the best interest of a special needs child in mind. This is what you need to know.

Parenting classes are for EVERYONE! The Parent Team created a co-parenting course to help you communicate, coordinate and keep your head on straight!

Ben & Nikki wrote the book Our Happy Divorce because their journey from friendship to marriage to parents to divorce and back to friendship is amazing!

We are answering your questions! Including how to “play house,” what if your ex is a “Disney-mom/dad,” and is there really a “right person” for me?

Becoming a “Mrs.” again after divorce is scary, but if you grow and learn what works and open your eyes to new experiences and people, you may reconsider!

Blending families isn’t for everyone, it worked for Jessica, but not so much for Jen Hurvitz. She shares her opinion of what you should consider first!

Michelle Dempsey shares her divorce story & how she helps others navigate their own journeys. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a start.

Jess & T.H. have lived it, so they know what worked, and what they should have focused on in their divorce agreements as it relates to their family & kids.

We are sharing our parenting tips! And the lessons we’ve learned that make communicating with your kids (especially during divorce) easier.

Directly from “A Kid With Two Homes,” Bella, a child of divorce explains how it feels to be the kid! AND provides resources for kids to help them cope!

Your kids may have two homes: yours and your ex’s. Jennifer Gallagher is no stranger to this double-home scenario and can coach you on what NOT to do.

Splitting custody as part of your divorce? Get advice straight from our expert attorney in order to navigate negotiations for custody and parenting time.

You may not feel ready to tell your kids you’re getting divorced. Experts say honesty helps them feel safe. When you decide it’s time, here’s what to say.

Pet custody of our furry friends, pets, dogs, pigs, cats, etc can be complicated when getting divorced. Read more here about keeping it fair.

Co-parenting after divorce is difficult. To make it easier, you need to learn to recognize, manage and respond to triggers – it benefits you and your kids.

Ever thought, how does divorce effect children? And think, there really should be a support group for children of divorce. Well, there is!

No matter how much money you have, everyone needs estate planning in divorce. This is how to ensure that your assets go to the right people post divorce.