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“DON’T FUCKING SAY THAT” recaps all of the ridiculous and sometimes hurtful things that people say to us. exEXPERTS interviewed author Mellissa Librach.

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How to handle abuse in your marriage and recover from it during and after divorce? Emotional, intimate, marital abuse is real. Here are help guidelines.

After divorce, Dating app options go beyond Hinge, Match, JDate, Tawkify, etc. so how do can you be successful and not exhausted by it all?

My daily routine and how I stay happy.

Divorce is something that happens, but it doesn’t have to take over your life, unless you let it. Divorce sucks, so learn how to move on and let it go!

Mother’s Day for moms is supposed to be great, but not when you are in a bad marriage. Post-divorce holidays are better as we heard from Michelle Dempsey.

Unfiltered chat about being moms, friends and live in general is what you can expect from this awesome girl duo – Cat & Nat are our Canadian sisters!

Why do people cheat? Can you forgive someone who cheats? Will cheating end your marriage or relationship? It’s up to you! exEXPERTS gets the answers here.

A “No Man Diet” or a “Female or Male Cleansing” is hard. exEXPERTS learned about the immense benefits of taking a serious break from dating and intimacy.

When was the last time you got a card from your kids without anyone asking them or reminding them to do it? I was lucky and I am a proud mama.

exEXPERTS speaks with Relationship Crisis Coach, Jessica Frew, about divorcing her husband because he’s gay. She shares tips and how to move forward.

Sarah Armstrong shared so much with friends about her journey as a divorced mom, that she wrote a book so we can all benefit from her successful choices.

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How did I marry my spouse when I am so unhappy? How did I put myself in this position? exEXPERTS answers these questions in our interview with Tracy Ross.

Who are you? Do you really know? exEXPERTS teaches us with simple steps of how to reintroduce yourself to you after divorce.

New Year’s resolutions are stressful, so Jessica decided to pass on it this year. Heading into 2024, she has a different plan.

exEXPERTS asks Jen Polt how she created a new business in her 50’s after being suddenly single and how reinventing herself has inspired others.

Jess and Daren shed light on why each of them felt their marriage didn’t work and what led to their divorce, how they handled it all and life as exes.

exEXPERTS speaks with Jen Hurvitz about warning signs of mate poaching, a new divorce dating trend. Listen to Divorce etc… to learn more!

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