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Divorce is nothing if not extremely personal. Your divorce is probably not going to look like your coworker’s divorce, and may not resemble your own parents’ divorce in the slightest. Whether you are thinking about divorce, you need help navigating the legalities of divorce, or you’re looking for help moving forward after your divorce, exEXPERTS is on your side. You’ll find incredible resources, practical suggestions, and honest answers to questions about divorce at exEXPERTS including:

  • How to find the right divorce attorney
  • Understanding your rights during a divorce
  • How to prepare for filing for divorce
  • Learning about different types of divorce
  • And many more divorce topics…

Mediation is a great alternative to court when settling a divorce, but must show up prepared or you will waste time and money.

Divorce is something that happens, but it doesn’t have to take over your life, unless you let it. Divorce sucks, so learn how to move on and let it go!

Dating during divorce, what’s a QDRO, keeping your married name, the benefits of a prenup and more to help you save money on divorce.

Who files first? How to avoid being bullied by your lawyer? exEXPERTS get the answers to important questions about your divorce from a divorce lawyer.

There is a different way to divorce, and Heather MacKenzie, Co-Founder of Hello Divorce tells exEXPERTS actionable steps to move your divorce forward.

exEXPERTS explores the quandary of what’s fair vs. enough in divorce focused on your spousal support, child support, custody arrangement and more.

Sarah Armstrong shared so much with friends about her journey as a divorced mom, that she wrote a book so we can all benefit from her successful choices.

exEXPERTS speaks to Gabrielle Hartley about online divorce mediation and what to do in order to have a successful divorce negotiation.

Jess and Daren shed light on why each of them felt their marriage didn’t work and what led to their divorce, how they handled it all and life as exes.

Divorcing an addict is emotionally difficult so exEXPERT Kim Kassnove shares how to successfully handle the process, your kids, your family and yourself.

Kate Anthony is a leader in speaking the truth about divorce, abuse and recovering from divorce. exEXPERTS asks her about an emotionally abusive marriage.

You don’t want go back to court after your divorce is final, so exEXPERTS interviewed Kimberly Cook to help prevent that from happening.

Divorce as a source of empowerment and not trauma, that’s what holistic divorce coach Olga Nadal shares in this episode of the Divorce etc… podcast.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a role in your divorce negotiations, so be prepared and alert to the signs if you are misrepresented in court.

Taking charge of your life and your post-divorce plan is critical. This episode guides you on where to begin, moving forward and how to handle challenges.

Legal abuse in divorce takes negotiating to the next level. Lisa & Chris help you navigate the court system and guide you on dealing with legal abuse.

How should you handle a smear campaign by your ex? It’s an emotionally challenging situation that is difficult to manage, but we have tips on handling it.

Knowing what you can and can’t say is crucial during divorce, and lawyer Seth Nelson tells what communications you can use as evidence, and what to avoid.

How do you know what you don’t know? The answer is: you don’t! So we spoke with Attorney Dennis Vetrano Jr. and he explains the do’s and don’ts in divorce.

Dennis Vetrano tells you straight-out what you need to avoid when getting a divorce and what you must do. An interview if you are prepping for divorce.

Divorcing a narcissist is a challenging journey of recovery and self-reflection. Alyssa Dineen shares her personal story with exEXPERTS. You will be ok.

Most divorces end up settling out of court, and the founder of Amicable Divorce Network and mediator herself, tells you what you need to do to prepare.

Getting unstuck in your divorce is challenging but you can do it! Jennifer Medwin teaches us how to move forward during and beyond divorce.

Figuring out ways to move forward through the divorce process can be daunting, but a FL Supreme Court Family Mediator gives some great advice.

Attorneys & Family Law

Your divorce and family law attorney will help fight for what is fair for you, and what is best for any minor children involved in the divorce. They will advocate for you in conflicts, help you find assets that you may be unaware of, and advise you during the settlement process. The divorce and family law attorney partners at exEXPERTS have contributed incredible tips for dealing with conflict, informing you of your rights, and laying out expectations for navigating the dissolution process.

Divorce Rights

What are your rights during a divorce? Do you get the house? How often will the children be with you? Can you relocate out of state in the middle of a divorce? The team at exEXPERTS can help you understand your rights as they pertain to property, assets, and minor children while going through a divorce. 

Preparing for Divorce

Deciding to end a marriage is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. So, it’s smart to spend time preparing, by getting help from professionals. You can build a team of advisors such as a Financial Advisor who will walk you through financial considerations. You may decide to connect with a Marriage and Family Counselor to help you come to peace with your decision. And unless you plan to represent yourself, retaining a divorce and family law attorney can help by answering all of the many, many questions that will arise during the process. 

Types of Divorce

There are a variety of ways to legally end your marriage. In an amicable dissolution, where you and your ex agree on the division of property, assets, and custody, a summary dissolution or simplified divorce may be an option. In other cases, flaring tensions may lead to a highly contentious, litigated divorce. Depending on where you live, you may also decide to file a fault divorce instead of a no-fault divorce. Or you and your ex may agree to work through your divorce collaboratively, agreeing to a settlement without the need for a judge. The community we've created and the professionals we’ve partnered with at exEXPERTS can help you to learn more about the different types of divorce that you may decide to pursue. 


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