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Marriages can be saved even if only ONE partner wants to stay married. See what our exEXPERT has to say about using Discernment Therapy to discuss divorce.

What if you want to stay in your marriage? Discernment Therapy can help couples identify the strengths in their relationship. Maybe it can work, or not.

Boundaries, methods of communication, who works for you, billing, etc, etc, etc. There are so many things to know before you begin!

Your relationship with your attorney is one of the most important parts of the process. You want someone you can trust, who is a healthy advocate for you.

Focus on what’s most important; the kids. Easier said than done, but there are some practical ways to stay on track for everyone’s benefit,including yours.

Divorce attorneys aren’t the only solution when facing divorce. There are multiple resources to help you resolve your marital issues, & can save you money!

When thinking about divorce you may believe the first or only option is to find the right attorney. But what do the other options look like?

The stigma of divorce is out there, and change is up to us. Let’s normalize the fact that many marriages don’t work. Stop judging, start supporting!

Divorce is not about winning. In fact, the less you care about being right, and getting everything you want, the happier you’ll be!

Would you rather be happy, or would rather be right? Sometimes deciding what you truly want out of a divorce can help you take ownership of the outcome.

Susan Guthrie is speaking about social media and how what you post can come back to haunt you in court and beyond!

Social media during your divorce negotiations could compromise your options. On the other hand, it’s also a way to investigate your ex, but be careful!

James and John share their sides of the Divorce Story so we can learn and better understand the guys’ perspective on divorce.

A divorce lawsuit (Part 2) can be very expensive partly due to the amount of paperwork and info. that needs to be collected. Learn what you need to know.

Divorce litigation can be complicated, very expensive, and emotional. If you can keep your eyes on the end-game, you can avoid some of the waste.

Going to court to settle your divorce is the most expensive and most emotionally difficult type of divorce. Part 1 talks about what you need to know.

Litigation is worst case scenario with divorce, however, if you are heading in that direction, you need to be prepared and Ruth Kim answers our questions.

What counts as abuse? ALL abuse is abuse. Understanding the pervasiveness of psychological abuse can save someone’s life. Here are the warning signs.

Kate Miller, in-house attorney at a women’s shelter, helps us understand domestic violence & abuse and how to get help.

The legal side of domestic abuse, emotional abuse and all abuse is important. Knowing your rights as a victim of abuse is critical to your safety.

Domestic abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse, it’s all abuse and it is not always physical. Learn how you can get help and how you can help others.

T.H. & Jess learn about the types of programs and support people might find at a shelter when escaping an abusive marriage.

With collaborative divorce, you get an instant team of professionals including mental health and family specialists to help you divorce outside of court.

What is an employability expert and what to expect if your spouse is having one in your divorce to discover your earning potential?