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Divorce attorneys aren’t the only solution when facing divorce. There are multiple resources to help you resolve your marital issues, & can save you money!

The stigma of divorce is out there, and change is up to us. Let’s normalize the fact that many marriages don’t work. Stop judging, start supporting!

Divorce is not about winning. In fact, the less you care about being right, and getting everything you want, the happier you’ll be!

Susan Guthrie is speaking about social media and how what you post can come back to haunt you in court and beyond!

James and John share their sides of the Divorce Story so we can learn and better understand the guys’ perspective on divorce.

A divorce lawsuit (Part 2) can be very expensive partly due to the amount of paperwork and info. that needs to be collected. Learn what you need to know.

Going to court to settle your divorce is the most expensive and most emotionally difficult type of divorce. Part 1 talks about what you need to know.

What counts as abuse? ALL abuse is abuse. Understanding the pervasiveness of psychological abuse can save someone’s life. Here are the warning signs.

Kate Miller, in-house attorney at a women’s shelter, helps us understand domestic violence & abuse and how to get help.

An Employability Expert is someone who helps determine earning potential. Rona Wexler explains how it works and T.H. shares her story.

Kate Anthony, a Certified Divorce Coach explains why having a professional guide to help navigate your divorce process can be so valuable.

How do I find the best divorce attorney? Here are five things your lawyer might not tell you that will make you better prepared to make the best choice!

Couples therapy (or marriage counseling) isn’t always the last step on the road to divorce. Couples counseling can make marriages stronger and here’s how.

Born from necessity, virtual online divorce proceedings and consultations have their perks and drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know about Zoom Divorce.

If having an amicable divorce is a priority for you and your ex, then the Collaborative Divorce process may be the best way to get the results you want.

Mediation is one of the most common methods of divorce, but here are some things you may not know. Prep yourself by understanding these 4 misconceptions.

Prenuptial agreements are not new, but have become more common. And a POST-nuptial agreement is something to consider too. Here’s what you need to know.

If your spouse had an affair, squandered assets, money is missing, or you need help finding hidden assets, you must start looking into things immediately.

No one wishes to go through a high conflict custody divorce, but some of us end up in them. Here are five ways to help deescalate this painful process.