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Divorce is nothing if not extremely personal. Your divorce is probably not going to look like your coworker’s divorce, and may not resemble your own parents’ divorce in the slightest. Whether you are thinking about divorce, you need help navigating the legalities of divorce, or you’re looking for help moving forward after your divorce, exEXPERTS is on your side. You’ll find incredible resources, practical suggestions, and honest answers to questions about divorce at exEXPERTS including:

  • How to find the right divorce attorney
  • Understanding your rights during a divorce
  • How to prepare for filing for divorce
  • Learning about different types of divorce
  • And many more divorce topics…

Protecting yourself in case your ex doesn’t follow the divorce agreement can be a lifesaver. Tracy Malone explains how to do this with a simple clause.

There is a way to ensure your ex follows the terms of your divorce agreement, and that is by adding a clause outlining the repercussions if they don’t.

A Parent Coordinator may sound scary but it can actually help your co-parenting situation.

Finding a settlement-based attorney who focuses on both mediation and litigation and will use the best tools to find the best divorce result.

Divorce sucks, but if you can settle you will save money, time, and heartache. Learn critical tips that could change the direction of your divorce journey.

A forensic accountant is the financial arm of your divorce team. If you have legitimate suspicions about fraud, then you may want to learn more.

Making the decision about whether you can fix your marriage or end it and get divorced is never easy. Divorce Coach Karen McMahon gives some helpful tips.

Making the decision of whether to stay in your marriage or to get a divorce? We spoke with Karen McMahon about the signs to help you figure it out.

Find out which episodes from season 2 are the top 5 highest-rated, and what you can learn from each one to help with your divorce.

Divorcing a narcissist, finding hidden money, mistakes men and women make during and after divorce and identifying what you can control are in our Top 5!

Custody and parenting rights, post-divorce relationships, divorce attorney relationships and divorce budgeting are among our top 5 Divorce etc… podcasts!

Hear which are our highest-rated Divorce etc… podcast episodes of season 1 and why you should listen to them if you’re getting divorced.

A real estate attorney could help you cover your a** when getting a divorce. Find out who your team should include if you own a home.

Has your career taken off? Recently inherited money? Has your partner incurred a new large debt? You might want to know about post-nuptial agreements!

A divorce coach may be someone you want to meet before you hire a lawyer. Learn how a divorce coach can help you navigate your process and support you.

Do you need a divorce coach? A certified divorce coach can help you navigate the divorce process, potentially saving you money and aggravation.

Mediation is becoming more popular these days when it comes to settling your divorce. You may be surprised at some tips we got from our exEXPERT.

Tara, a child of divorce, REAL LIFE expert & now a divorce coach, takes her experience and educates others. We love her perspective on loving Divorce!

Divorce is different for everyone, every circumstance is unique. Understanding your needs and what’s best for your family is the priority.

Divorce is 2 parts mental/emotional struggle & 1 part business. Abby helps her clients balance BOTH sides of this life-altering experience.

When getting a divorce, you need to know what is an asset, how assets that were initially separate could be considered marital, and much more. Must listen.

How to find the right private investigator and how do you know one can help you in your divorce are the questions answered by our exEXPERT P.I.

A private investigator is not necessary for everyone heading towards or going through a divorce, however, Jan tells you when a PI is helpful and worth it!

Is your ex is being honest about the money? A business valuator can help, especially if you shared a business during your marriage, truth be told!

Attorneys & Family Law

Your divorce and family law attorney will help fight for what is fair for you, and what is best for any minor children involved in the divorce. They will advocate for you in conflicts, help you find assets that you may be unaware of, and advise you during the settlement process. The divorce and family law attorney partners at exEXPERTS have contributed incredible tips for dealing with conflict, informing you of your rights, and laying out expectations for navigating the dissolution process.

Divorce Rights

What are your rights during a divorce? Do you get the house? How often will the children be with you? Can you relocate out of state in the middle of a divorce? The team at exEXPERTS can help you understand your rights as they pertain to property, assets, and minor children while going through a divorce. 

Preparing for Divorce

Deciding to end a marriage is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. So, it’s smart to spend time preparing, by getting help from professionals. You can build a team of advisors such as a Financial Advisor who will walk you through financial considerations. You may decide to connect with a Marriage and Family Counselor to help you come to peace with your decision. And unless you plan to represent yourself, retaining a divorce and family law attorney can help by answering all of the many, many questions that will arise during the process. 

Types of Divorce

There are a variety of ways to legally end your marriage. In an amicable dissolution, where you and your ex agree on the division of property, assets, and custody, a summary dissolution or simplified divorce may be an option. In other cases, flaring tensions may lead to a highly contentious, litigated divorce. Depending on where you live, you may also decide to file a fault divorce instead of a no-fault divorce. Or you and your ex may agree to work through your divorce collaboratively, agreeing to a settlement without the need for a judge. The community we've created and the professionals we’ve partnered with at exEXPERTS can help you to learn more about the different types of divorce that you may decide to pursue. 


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