Housing + Organization + Property & Assets

Decluttering your emotional, physical and even calendar clutter after divorce is crucial. Simply B Organized explains how to do it.

Trying to organize your life for divorce is hard. But Simply B Organized helps you with physical, emotional & calendar clutter.

A divorce lending professional can help you determine whether you can afford your house, and how to get financing even if you think you won’t qualify.

Divorce Lending Professional? Yes, there is such a thing. CDLP Emile Flowers explains how she should be part of your divorce planning from start to finish.

What do you do with your engagement ring if you’re getting a divorce? We have some creative ideas to reinvent your jewelry and make something you will love

Stephanie Gottlieb tells us how creating a new piece of jewelry by repurposing your engagement ring after divorce is an option instead of selling it.

What about the house? Preparing properly with real estate during your divorce is important when negotiating and making your future plans.

A real estate attorney could help you cover your a** when getting a divorce. Find out who your team should include if you own a home.

Knowing the definition of an asset is critical when getting a divorce. Tips on the division of property and valuations to prep for negotiations.

When getting a divorce, you need to know what is an asset, how assets that were initially separate could be considered marital, and much more. Must listen.

Moving…yuck! Making emotional and intellectual decisions to part with marital items, childhood items, and your kids’ stuff post divorce is hard!

What about the house? Who keeps it? What are the key things to think about when selling it? Melissa has all of the credentials to give you guidance.

Real estate when you’re getting a divorce can be complicated so educate yourself so you make the right decisions about your home, especially since Covid!

If you are selling, buying, or renting real estate as part of your divorce negotiations, here are some tips of what to do and what not to do!

Real estate attorney Jill Sodafsky says to know where you stand and what your options are when it comes to your home while going through a divorce!

Single life after divorce can be a challenge when you suddenly have responsibilities around your home that your partner used to handle.

Estate planning is an important consideration after divorce or any major life change, no matter your age. Get your estate plan up-to-date!

Whether you’ve been financially savvy during your marriage or taken a back seat regarding money, everyone should have an understanding of their nest egg.

Getting organized is tough anytime, now add Divorce into the mix! DivorceRX teaches us some simple things to consider to help us get it done!

What DO you do with all the STUFF you’ve collected during a marriage? DivorceRx can help. Grab a friend, grab a glass of wine, grab that junk and toss it!

The divorce is final. What DO you do with the engagement ring? From selling to repurposing your sentimental or gifted jewelry, there are lots of options!

Jessica and T.H. discuss post-divorce jewelry and what to do with the gifts your ex gave you. It’s important to figure out what’s the best option for you.

Are you a “sentimental stockpiler” or a “trasher?” T.H. & Jess talk about what they keep and what they don’t keep when they move and why.

T.H and Jessica are both moving and their experiences couldn’t be more different. Learn how they get ready to move and what they choose to keep and why.