Alimony & Child Support + Finances After Divorce + Paying for Divorce

Fear of finances is a scary part of divorce, but Dow Janes has a way to help you manage your money and even grow it over time.

Do you know that you have a money personality? T.H. uses a single credit card, so she can track her expenses. Jessica uses cash. What’s yours?

Pay attention to red flags that money could be hidden during your marriage when negotiating your spousal support during divorce.

Is your ex is being honest about the money? A business valuator can help, especially if you shared a business during your marriage, truth be told!

Spousal support is one of the most contentious pieces of a divorce settlement. We’ve made it very simple to understand and manage your expectations.

Do you worry about how you would actually pay for a divorce? Divorce Funding could be the option if you just don’t have the cash.

Managing money and budgets during and after a divorce is a daunting task. Learn how to find your financial confidence, even on your own.

We all need to file our taxes, whether you pay, what you pay and how you file are some things to consider when getting divorced. Here are some tips.

When getting a divorce, understanding the financial implications of your decisions is critical. Avoid these financial missteps during your divorce.

Do you really know how to invest? Stacy Francis, from Francis Financial, provides guidelines for investment based on age, financial position, and family.

Understanding how to manage your funds and where to begin post-divorce in terms of having money, spending and saving money with exEXPERT Stacy Francis.

Your health is one of the most important things to have When you get divorced, make sure you know your rights and what you’re entitled to.

Julie Verhage, cofounder of FinTech Today, shares the best financial apps to manage money after divorce – budgeting, saving, and investing from your phone!

Knowing your assets during divorce, will help you protect them! Do you know your property rights and how the division of assets will it impact your future?

Building good credit is a matter of creating an awareness of your spending habits and gaining financial control, so you can buy that car!

Get help finding hidden money in divorce – both where the money is (or where it went)- which is critical for negotiation!

If your spouse had an affair, squandered assets, money is missing, or you need help finding hidden assets, you must start looking into things immediately.

No matter how much money you have, everyone needs estate planning in divorce. This is how to ensure that your assets go to the right people post divorce.

When you divorce with kids, should you write a new post-divorce will or establish a living trust? This infographic will help you decide!

Financial literacy may not sound sexy, but it can be a lifesaver during divorce. There’s only one way to avoid the fear – learn your financial situation!

Organizing your finances and creating a budget during/after divorce can be overwhelming, but here are the four main things to know and do to be prepared.

Budgeting for divorce is essential to your overall financial health. Use the divorce budget worksheet and tips to balance what you make and what you spend.