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Michelle Dempsey shares her divorce story & how she helps others navigate their own journeys. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a start.

Anxious about trying to find out some important info about someone new? Totally normal! But we still need to work these questions into the conversation.

Sex after divorce is exciting and intimidating. Sex therapist Carli Blau normalizes your questions, concerns and thoughts, especially during this new time.

Renee tells it like it is! She was helping people through their divorces as an attorney, but personally, her marriage was unraveling. Read more!

Gabrielle Stone shares her no B.S. story of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery post-divorce and post-broken heart! It started as #FML and now she’s #LML.

T.H. had the opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. She prepared physically, but the true challenge was mental & emotional strength she hadn’t experienced.

Learn all you need to know about sex, and stuff you didn’t even think of. Post-divorce sex can be exciting as long as you keep it safe and set boundaries.

“NO” is a full sentence! Dr. Cohen shares practical and logical advice that we can use anytime, but certainly post-holiday.

T.H. & Jess share their lessons learned from 2021 and ongoing struggles. But perspective and supporting one another keeps them moving forward.

Rebound or love? When it comes to understanding your relationship, like any good self-work it’s all about giving your thoughts and feelings a voice. 

Divorce and religion – not an easy mix. Divorce can impact your relationships with family, friends, and yes, God.

We speak to another set of best friends who have lived through and thrived since their divorce, and don’t allow that experience to define them!

The stigma of divorce is out there, and change is up to us. Let’s normalize the fact that many marriages don’t work. Stop judging, start supporting!

Divorce recovery takes time. Learn the trifecta of tools to help you power through recovery and start your new life after divorce.

Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Weight Training, Cardio…holy sh*t – how do we know what to eat and what to do that will work for us anymore? Read on…

Carmindy Bowyer is a perfect example of a woman taken advantage of financially & emotionally, who got divorced and was determined to take her life back!

Just the word HOLIDAY freaks everyone out. The stress, uncertainty, possible laughter and time together…or time alone. We’ve lived it, so we get it!

Self-care is crucial to your mental well-being and personal health, and Jasmine Rice, life coach, has some easy tips to put into practice right away!

Registered dietician, Hillary Irwin, reminds us that “health is an individualized journey,” and when stress is high, health apps keep us in check.

James and John share their sides of the Divorce Story so we can learn and better understand the guys’ perspective on divorce.

What counts as abuse? ALL abuse is abuse. Understanding the pervasiveness of psychological abuse can save someone’s life. Here are the warning signs.

Kate Miller, in-house attorney at a women’s shelter, helps us understand domestic violence & abuse and how to get help.

Barry Selby, relationship coach and best-selling author of, 50 Ways to Love Your Lover, talks about the “F word,” forgiveness. And it’s NOT what you think!

Will they swipe right? Learn to create the perfect dating profile! Our expert, Alyssa Dineen reveals the top mistakes others make (that you won’t)!