Becoming My Authentic Self – A Note from T.H.

This year was epic for me! My son sent me a Mother’s Day card (see above) and it was the best gift ever.
It was epic because as a 19 year old, he didn’t know a) how to address an envelope (his need for the post office was non-existent) b) where to purchase a stamp and wasn’t motivated to do much that wasn’t a benefit to him (and I didn’t ask for one).  So the fact that I got this card is epic!!!
I know that I wasn’t my authentic self when he was born, as I was a shell of a women at the time.  I had three kids including my son, I was married 9 years and my marriage lacked everything – communication, respect, intimacy, love and friendship. I had distanced myself from friends, lied to my family and lied to myself.
Since my marriage ended, my authentic self has been evolving and growing (I feel like I should name her). She’s been flexing her muscle, making mistakes along the way but well aware of the lessons that were embedded in challenging times.
This card was a tremendous compliment to me, from one of the people I cherish most in this world.  My son sees my authentic self, he told me that I have reached the point of being true to myself, he validates my actions and thoughts and basically puts a mirror in front of me to realize that I am epic too.💕
Lesson Learned: Nothing in life comes easy, everything takes work, commitment and belief in yourself will lead to opportunity.
P.S. Life is waiting for you, you just need to live it. It’s not that simple but we’ve overcome, failed, succeeded, found love, had loss and grown through it all while moving forward. 

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