Divorce Mediation & Family Law

Torchin Martel Orr

New Jersey

Scott W. Orr

Why we chose him:
Scott W. Orr is one our first exEXPERTS and is a role model for how to approach divorce.  He adopts a sympathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the clients he works with, and is skilled at calmly guiding, influencing, or managing both through the  mediation process towards a successful divorce.  Scott has a unique take on how he does things. As a “Real Life Expert,” he comes from a unique place of empathy and clearly has an unusual (in a good way) skill for pairing that empathy with calm pragmatism.
One Thing he wants You To Know:
Own your outcome.

Divorce is not about winning. In fact, the less you care about being right, and getting everything you want, the happier you’ll be!

Would you rather be happy, or would rather be right? Sometimes deciding what you truly want out of a divorce can help you take ownership of the outcome.