A Kid With Two Homes


Bella Duncan

Why we chose her:

Bella is a brave young lady. Her parents divorced when she and her brother were young, and she realized how few resources there were for the kids! So she created one! Her blog, reels, and advice help kids and help parents understand how it feels to be a kid of divorce.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
All parents should strive to understand their divorce from the perspective of their child. This can help ensure that parents: - Better understand their child's thoughts and feelings - Can better help their child feel comfortable in both of their homes - Can avoid their divorce having long-lasting negative impacts on their child.

It’s important to tell children of divorce it’s not their fault, but they ARE a part of it. Bella Duncan tells us how it is to have two homes.

Directly from “A Kid With Two Homes,” Bella, a child of divorce explains how it feels to be the kid! AND provides resources for kids to help them cope!