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Our Happy Divorce


Ben Heldfond

Why we chose him:

Ben tells it like it is. He fell in love, got married, has a son &  then…divorce. He shares why it didn’t work and why their post-marriage relationship does!

One Thing he wants You To Know:
We know how our story is ridiculous and might be so far from your audience's realm of possibility but if you told us 14 years ago we would be on a podcast not only talking about our amicable divorce but also about a book we wrote called Our Happy Divorce, we would have looked at you like you were speaking another language. It was a process for us and definitely did not happen overnight.
Resources From Ben:

Book: Our Happy Divorce

Nikki & Ben, authors of Our Happy Divorce, fell in love, got married, had a son, grew distant, and got divorced…but THEN they came together even better.

Ben & Nikki wrote the book Our Happy Divorce because their journey from friendship to marriage to parents to divorce and back to friendship is amazing!