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Advanced Adulting


Bradley Richardson

Why we chose him:

Bradley is a straight-talker and says it like it is. Having been divorced himself, he’s a “real-life” expert and understands the hardships and complications surrounding it all. Whether it’s about dealing with life after divorce, dating after divorce or just overall getting your sh*t together, Bradley has insight, advice and answers.

One Thing he wants You To Know:
YOU aren’t alone. Women, men all go through these things. We have more in common than not. Women & Men ALL OVER THE WORLD experience this.
Resources From Bradley:

Start Over School : Sometimes at midlife you need some help… an SOS.

That’s what Start Over School is.

Each month I host a 60-90 Minute “MINI” Masterclass on zoom that covers a specific Advanced Adulting topic.

On these LIVE calls I coach, teach, take 30 min of Q&A with me, and send the recordings & notes afterward so people can have the replay.

These are a a quick and affordable way (under $100) way for people who may not be able to afford or need 1:1 coaching to have access and get answers on a particular topic.

Past courses have been on “Dealing with, Healing from & Preventing Toxic & Narcissistic Relationships”, “Unmasked & Authentic: How to pull back someone’s mask to see if they can be open and emotionally available”… and more.

To learn more or get the announcements & schedule for upcoming SOS Start Over School classes sign up here