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Advanced Adulting


Bradley Richardson

Why we chose him:

Bradley is a straight-talker and says it like it is. Having been divorced himself, he’s a “real-life” expert and understands the hardships and complications surrounding it all. Whether it’s about dealing with life after divorce, dating after divorce or just overall getting your sh*t together, Bradley has insight, advice and answers.

One Thing he wants You To Know:
YOU aren’t alone. Women, men all go through these things. We have more in common than not. Women & Men ALL OVER THE WORLD experience this.
Resources From Bradley:

Start Over School : Sometimes at midlife you need some help… an SOS.

That’s what Start Over School is.

Each month I host a 60-90 Minute “MINI” Masterclass on zoom that covers a specific Advanced Adulting topic.

On these LIVE calls I coach, teach, take 30 min of Q&A with me, and send the recordings & notes afterward so people can have the replay.

These are a a quick and affordable way (under $100) way for people who may not be able to afford or need 1:1 coaching to have access and get answers on a particular topic.

Past courses have been on “Dealing with, Healing from & Preventing Toxic & Narcissistic Relationships”, “Unmasked & Authentic: How to pull back someone’s mask to see if they can be open and emotionally available”… and more.

To learn more or get the announcements & schedule for upcoming SOS Start Over School classes sign up here

No one tells you how to prepare for being middle aged, no one tells you how to prepare for being divorced, except now. Listen here.