Money Mindset Coach

Dow Janes


Britt Baker

Why we chose her:

Britt Baker is disrupting the financial learning landscape by simplifying the process of educating yourself on money, retirement, investment and budgeting. As she said, it is all learnable. She has great positive energy and removes the intimidating of money from the learning process.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
The one thing I would say is just to trust yourself that you can do this. It probably seems hard (to learn about money and finances), it’s probably a lot of terms, but don't get overwhelmed, and know that it's all learnable. Support exists for getting this education in an easy to understand way. But it's absolutely possible. It doesn't take as long as people think. They think like five years from now maybe you'll have things figured out. You can do it in a matter of months.

Fear of finances is a scary part of divorce, but Dow Janes has a way to help you manage your money and even grow it over time.

Fear of finances is common for women in divorce, but Dow Janes can help you get out of debt, and learn to budget, save and invest.