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Chris Melcher

Why we chose him:

Chris has seen it “all” in terms of high profile divorce cases (think Kim and Kanye) and regardless of the income, his tips are the same. He has such a calming effect in the way he delivers his messages, when we see/listen to his podcast you’ll see why we chose him!

One Thing he wants You To Know:
Do this with dignity. You don’t have control over what they do on the other side, but you do have control over what you do on your side. So do it in a way so if your kids look back at your court documents 20 years from now, they would be proud.

Celebrity divorce attorney for Kanye West & others is very insightful in what to look out for, how to keep cool, and gives us celebrity divorce insight.

There are surprising things that celebrity divorce can teach us, particularly how to have a quiet, quick, successful separation while preserving yourself.