Divorce Parenting Expert, Coach and Author

Divorce and Children


Christina McGhee

Why we chose her:

Christina’s perspective embraces a child of divorce’s perspective. She enlightens you on things you may not notice, but your child may feel. Her approach is non-threatening and important.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
While divorce is undeniably hard, it doesn't have to equal devastation for you or your kids. With the right kind of support and information, families can redefine themselves in meaningful ways. One of the biggest factors that impacts how children adjust is how parents relate to each other after they part. When coparents can stay focused on their kids instead of each other, children can grow up happy, resilient, & secure. And even in situations where one parent isn't willing to cooperate or is a high-conflict person, there are still a lot of things a non-conflictual parent can do to make things better for children (the power of one).