Co-Founder, Co-Host

DivorcedOver40 & Intentional Dating Club, "Divorce Doesn't Suck" Podcast


Daniel Herrold

Why we chose him:

T.H. & Daniel share the experience of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (at different times but both post-divorce).  Real life testimonials resonate with people – no one wants to feel alone. Daniel and his co-founders are growing a community of divorce support for those over the age of 40 years old. He’s lived it, so he get’s it as a Real Life expert.

One Thing he wants You To Know:
I wish I had know how emotional my divorce was going to be, and I had relied on a counselor to help me navigate my healing process. Even though my divorce had very little conflict, I learned the hard way that we still deal with the emotional side of a breakup.

Self-discovery and self-reflection are gifts of solo travel after divorce, regardless of where you go. Remember, it’s YOUR trip.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is similar to navigating a divorce, Daniel from DO40 shares his experience and shares what he unexpectedly learned.