Family Law Attorney & Mediator

Weinstein Family Law

New Jersey

Evan Weinstein

Why we chose him:

Evan has experience in a variety of divorce-related issues, from complex child custody disputes to the range of financial matters that arise, and what we really like is that he tells it like it is. His straight-forward, no-nonsense delivery is very valuable for clients going through divorce, so they are prepared and understand clearly what to expect in their situation. While Evan is experienced in litigation, his first choice is to always help couples negotiate successfully so they can avoid court for their benefit, and for the benefit of any children involved.

One Thing he wants You To Know:
Divorce should not be seen as a death sentence. It is an opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life.

Focus on what’s most important; the kids. Easier said than done, but there are some practical ways to stay on track for everyone’s benefit,including yours.