Divorce Tips From Kids


Grace Casper

Why we chose her:

Grace is so brave! She’s speaking up and out loud on behalf of all kids who come from a divorced family to let other kids know that they will be ok and to tell parents what they would never know. She empowers kids to speak up while encouraging parents to listen.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Kids are 1/2 of their other parent... the parent you divorced! Let them decide their view on that parent. Kid's have enough on their shoulders already going through something they didn't have a choice in. Don't make it harder by creating a good guy bad guy complex.
Resources From Grace:

Check out her book “Dear Parents: Notes from a Child of Divorce” on Kindle and in paperback

What to tell your kids about your divorce is hard to figure out, so Grace Casper from Divorce Tips From Kids gives specific advice on how to handle it.