Narcissist Abuse Specialist & EFT Educator



Ina Hansen

Why we chose her:

Ina gets it and educated herself so she could move on from her marriage to a narcissist with confidence, direction and a sense of self to help her and her daughter. She has mastered the process and is teaching others so they can succeed as well.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
I want your audience to know I have healed from narcissistic abuse. I want women to know it is not their fault they entered into a relationship with a narcissist, and I know how challenging it is to leave.

Recovering from narcissistic abuse is a process that takes time and self-reflection. Get exEXPERT tips from someone who has lived through it and thrived!

Understanding what type of person you are dealing with during your divorce is critical to a productive divorce and productive after-divorce life!

Healing and co-parenting with your narcissist ex is challenging, to say the least. Ina guides you on how to navigate it and you will be ok.

It’s important you understand the words that come from your mouth. Not all exes are narcissists, but some legitimately are (others are just assholes).