Divorce Recovery Coach, Certified Life Coach & Health Coach

James Bastian


James Bastian

Why we chose him:

James is a REAL LIFE expert, like us and has taken his divorce experience to offer support to his clients and help them find a way to be better and do better. He offers the male perspective on divorce, parenting and life – there are always three sides to story!

One Thing he wants You To Know:
I cried when my wife confirmed divorce was her answer. As if to console me she offered “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” While that maxim, falsely attributed to Jesus, felt so inappropriate at the time, it has proven prophetic. But, it should read more like: No one who’s divorced will tell you it’s easy, but you, and only you, can choose to make it worth it. Choose well, and it may just be the opportunity of a lifetime.

A man’s perspective is important in divorce. John and James and many men need support in healing post-divorce as much as women do.