Doing Relationships Right

Jennifer Hurvitz

Why we chose her:

The energy, the honestly, the experience all tied up into Doing Relationships Right! You can’t go wrong with Jen and be prepared to hear a no B-S perspective. It may hurt at first but will help in the long run.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
You don't know what you don't know! There are no "rules" when it comes to dating or dating after divorce- you don't "have to" do anything! Nesting, blending, dating "too soon" or waiting a certain time period post-divorce-- let's discuss.

exEXPERTS speaks with Jen Hurvitz about warning signs of mate poaching, a new divorce dating trend. Listen to Divorce etc… to learn more!

Dating an old flame after divorce is pretty common, it’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s fun but is it the right thing to do? Listen here.

A dating coach’s guide to midlife and how it can be a wonderful time in your life instead of a crisis.

Blending families isn’t for everyone, it worked for Jessica, but not so much for Jen Hurvitz. She shares her opinion of what you should consider first!

When blending families, be realistic. It’s going to be challenging for many reasons. Jenn says if you want post-divorce family success, be ready to work.