Co-founder and Co-host

exEXPERTS & Divorce etc...


Jessica (Klingbaum) Herzberg

Why we chose her:

Jessica Herzberg is one half of the co-founding duo of exEXPERTS and the Divorce etc… podcast. She and her business partner T.H. are best friends paying it forward and sharing everything they wish they knew about divorce when they went through it. While Jessica’s (two) divorces were amicable, no divorce is ever easy! It was the friendship that T.H. and Jessica shared that helped her through and became the catalyst for exEXPERTS. Jessica is a full helping of contagious energy with a side of potty mouth. (And if you’re wondering how the two ladies have such a flair for face time – Jessica just so happens to be an Emmy-nominated TV producer!).

One Thing she wants You To Know:
I chose to love my kids more than I hate my ex and we now function well as co-parents and are great friends. It's not a path for everyone, but it worked for us, if you can, make it work for you too!

New Year’s resolutions are stressful, so Jessica decided to pass on it this year. Heading into 2024, she has a different plan.

Jess and Daren shed light on why each of them felt their marriage didn’t work and what led to their divorce, how they handled it all and life as exes.