T.H. & Jessica

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As the founders of exEXPERTS, our focus is on the many divorce professionals we can bring to our community. However, we will never underestimate the power of the been there, done that experience of REAL LIFE EXPERTS, like us! In addition to the professional insights you’ll find on the website, you’ll also find real-life stories from others who have been through a divorce – including us!

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We've lived it. So we get it!
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Moving during divorce is hard and we’ve done it more than a dozen times! Learn tips from us and how we’ve finally created homes that we love.

Moving…yuck! Making emotional and intellectual decisions to part with marital items, childhood items, and your kids’ stuff post divorce is hard!

T.H. & Rebecca learned to co-parented with their ex-husbands to benefit their sons who struggle with anxiety, depression, learning challenges and autism.

We are answering your questions! Including how to “play house,” what if your ex is a “Disney-mom/dad,” and is there really a “right person” for me?

Will I find love again? How do I handle a Disney Dad or Mom? Advice about co-parenting when kids are in two homes? We answer your questions.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to self-care? Play Self-Care Bingo with us! Start with a box. Work towards a row! And share your wins with us!