The Narcissistic Abuse Coach, CTRC-S & Director of Association Leadership at IAOTRC

Kimberly Weeks Coaching LLC

Kimberly Weeks

Why we chose her:

Kimberly has lived it, been through a narcissistic relationship and has spent her healing time developing herself as a coach to help others. Her message is clear and easy to hear, but effective and supportive – all of which makes her a great addition to exEXPERTS.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
The most important reason to get out of a narcissistic marriage is that your life and health depend on it. It's not a regular or common breakup. The narcissist's main goal is to destroy you, your identity and your capacity to live apart from them. And they will go to great lengths to loot your life of the possibility of bouncing back when you leave them. It's a life or death of mind, soul and body situation.

exEXPERTS interviewed Narcissist Abuse Coach, Kimberly Weeks about recovering from a narcissist and how to co-parent after divorce.