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NYC, New York

Laura Cowan

Why we chose her:

Laura is easy to talk to and presents you with her knowledge and guidance to help navigate your wills, health proxies and make sure you’re not missing anything to safeguard yourself, your family and your money! We liked her SO much that Jessica decided to work with her for her own estate planning needs.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Estate planning after divorce is critical to ensure your ex does not receive any of your assets upon your death, can't control any money left to your minor children, and has no say in your healthcare or finances if you are incapacitated.

Estate planning is an important consideration after divorce or any major life change, no matter your age. Get your estate plan up-to-date!

You don’t have to be rich to estate plan! Plan for your future, your health and make sure your beneficiaries are lined up as you want them.

No matter how much money you have, everyone needs estate planning in divorce. This is how to ensure that your assets go to the right people post divorce.

When you divorce with kids, should you write a new post-divorce will or establish a living trust? This infographic will help you decide!