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Been There Got Out - Managing Legal Abuse


Lisa Johnson

Why we chose her:

Legal abuse is scary, and since Lisa Johnson has been navigating it herself, she created a business to help everyone else navigate the court system during divorce while properly defending yourself in the case of legal abuse during your divorce. She and her partner, Chris Barry are critical pieces to the divorce puzzle if this is where you stand.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
High-conflict divorce and custody cases require a very different set of strategies, and it's important to learn what they are as early in the game as possible in order to save time, money, and energy.
Resources From Lisa:

Our book, “Been There Got Out: Toxic Relationships, High-Conflict Divorce, and How to Stay Sane Under Insane Circumstances” was released this year, and we are working on our second book involving children of high-conflict situations now!

Legal abuse in divorce takes negotiating to the next level. Lisa & Chris help you navigate the court system and guide you on dealing with legal abuse.