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Jennifer Gallagher

Why we chose her:

We found Jennifer on Instagram! She has hilarious posts about being a single, divorced parent of young child and through humor highlights the ups and downs. We had to meet her and she was full of knowledge! She is a REAL LIFE expert herself and gets both sides and helps parents through what she’s already learned.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Co-parenting young children comes with unique challenges. The parent relationship requires more cooperation in order to meet their children's developmental needs alongside the hurdles of parenting tiny humans navigating two worlds.

Your kids may have two homes: yours and your ex’s. Jennifer Gallagher is no stranger to this double-home scenario and can coach you on what NOT to do.

Two sets of rules, homes and parenting styles – Jen Gallagher shares her tips and tricks for how to transition kids between two households.

Do you know your triggers and how to overcome them? By identifying your triggers, you can learn to regulate the emotional effects on you and your kids.

Co-parenting after divorce is difficult. To make it easier, you need to learn to recognize, manage and respond to triggers – it benefits you and your kids.