Realtor & Former Real Estate Attorney

Christie's International Real Estate

Northern New Jersey

Melissa Rubenstein

Why we chose her:

Melissa is both a real estate attorney and a real estate agent, plus she’s been divorced! She understands all the issues that can come up when dealing with buying, selling or renting after divorce, and Melissa has some great strategies and tips to consider if you’re in this situation. Where to live is one of the biggest concerns when getting divorced and Melissa is able to walk clients (and us!) through the process in an easy-to-understand way.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
I'd love for the audience to know that there are options regarding the family home and how important it is to speak with a realtor and specialized divorce lender prior to mediation/trial.

What about the house? Who keeps it? What are the key things to think about when selling it? Melissa has all of the credentials to give you guidance.

Real estate when you’re getting a divorce can be complicated so educate yourself so you make the right decisions about your home, especially since Covid!