Seattle Money Coach

Seattle, Nationwide

Mikelann Valterra

Why we chose her:

Mikelann understands the value of money and wants you to also! We all need money to live, so make it work for you. With her coaching, she can help you through your circumstance post-divorce to budget and be wise about money.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
It’s crucial to get to know your “financial personality” and what motivates you around money, as it will be front and center post-divorce, unimpeded by another person. Working with a spending plan will help you feel in control of your money and able to create the new life you want, regardless of whether you discover you are more of a spender or a saver personality type.

Do you know that you have a money personality? T.H. uses a single credit card, so she can track her expenses. Jessica uses cash. What’s yours?

What is your money personality? When getting a divorce, your approach to money is important during your negotiation of spousal support & post-divorce life.