Divorce Coach, Qualified Solicitor, Accredited Mediator

Your Divorce Coach UK


Nawal Houghton

Why we chose her:

Nawal is a highly qualified Divorce Coach based in the UK helping men and women around the world work through the trauma of their divorces.  This is her specialty because that was her personal experience as well. Her support is direct and her mantra (and what she wishes that she knew) is that you grow through trauma.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Divorcing a Narcissist is not like any other divorce! It's a particularly difficult and tricky path that needs careful strategic planning. The emotional rollercoaster that you will be taken on is both destructive and exhausting and you need to be able to master how to manage the Narcissist through your divorce.

Tips for moving away from a relationship with a difficult person, who could be a narcissist but not necessarily. It’s abuse, but you can move forward.

Not all men are narcissists, but there are plenty of DIFFICULT men. Nawal is an expert in divorcing a difficult person.