Founder of Pearl Mediation, Certified Divorce & Family Mediator, Special Education Parent Advocate

Pearl Mediation, LLC

New Jersey

Rebecca Stern

Why we chose her:

When you have a child with special needs (anything from dyslexia to autism) parents need an advocate with the schools to get their child the services that they need to be successful. When you add divorce to the mix, she gets that also. She’s a valuable resource.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
You need to build a team of collaborative professionals who can help you know the right questions to ask. If you were renovating your house you wouldn't rely on your painter to install the plumbing... similarly you can't rely on your divorce attorney to know about special needs issues. Whatever makes your case unique, enlist professionals with that specific expertise. Complex tax issues... Divorce CPA. Ten different retirement accounts... CDFA. A child with special needs... an advocate expert in building an agreement that will prioritize and support your child's needs for as long as necessary.

T.H. & Rebecca learned to co-parented with their ex-husbands to benefit their sons who struggle with anxiety, depression, learning challenges and autism.

A parent advocate can help a divorcing couple co-parent with the best interest of a special needs child in mind. This is what you need to know.

Parents do the best they can, but when you have a special needs child you don’t know what to do! Then add divorce to that! We have tips & guidance for you!