Partner, Family Law Attorney

Fox Rothschild LLP

New Jersey

Sandra Fava

Why we chose her:

Sandra Fava met the exEXPERTS at an event that she sponsors.  She was so impressive and knew we wanted her as part of our team. Her positive energy, extensive knowledge and reasonable perspectives are important when working with a divorce attorney.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Sandra practices exclusively in the area of family law with nearly 20 years of experience. She handles matters throughout the state of NJ but given her firm's national presence, she can make the right connections across the US. Sandra uses effective strategies, creative solutions and compassionate counsel to guide clients through this often difficult and stressful process.

Representing yourself in court is also called pro se or pro per, which means “for one’s self” Managing your expectations & educating yourself is critical.

Representing yourself in your divorce is challenging. Attorney Sandra Fava shares what you need to know, tips for being prepared, and things to consider.

Relocating to sunny Florida sounds great, unless you are co-parenting younger children. Sandra Fava explains what you need to know and consider.

Covid created a shift that affected kids of divorce, co-parenting, and child support because some parents moved to different states. How do you navigate?