Divorce lawyer, Mediator & Founder of Amicable Divorce Network

Amicable Divorce Network


Tracy Moore-Grant

Why we chose her:

Vetted professionals – YES PLEASE! Divorce is overwhelming. At exEXPERTS we educate you on what questions to ask, things to think about and keeping yourself sane. Tracy has the pros who are quality divorce experts. Don’t Google – just check out ADN – Amicable Divorce Network.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
That attorneys make money (lots of it) off of conflict. You need to make sure you are partnering with professionals who are looking out for you, not their wallet or billable hours.

Dating during divorce, what’s a QDRO, keeping your married name, the benefits of a prenup and more to help you save money on divorce.

Most divorces end up settling out of court, and the founder of Amicable Divorce Network and mediator herself, tells you what you need to do to prepare.