JUST US: How & Why We Got Divorced at the Same Time | Season 1, Ep. 1


Welcome to another episode of the exEXPERTS DIVORCE etc… Podcast where we give you all kinds of information and tips on everything divorce. Why? We’ve lived it, so we get it! We’re T.H. & Jessica. 

Jessica: Hi, I’m Jessica.

T.H.: And I’m T.H., and we’re the founders of exEXPERTS.

Jessica: And we’ve two questions for you. What would you do or how would you feel if you got a call, whether at night at home with your husband, or even during the day on the carpool lane, from a woman whose overall message was basically that your marriage and life as you knew it, were essentially over? Because that’s what happened to us 12 years ago within a week of each other.

T.H.: Unfortunately, I can answer both of those questions because I was the one on the carpool line. When I got that call, the way I felt was that this woman just saved my life. What I did was take the opportunity to move on with my life.

Jessica: And for me, it’s so different because the call from that woman really just showed me that any nuggets of suspicion I’d had were confirmed. I knew for sure at that point I just couldn’t trust him anymore and the only option for me was divorce. That’s the day I asked him to leave.

T.H.: The core difference for us is that I was really unhappy in my marriage. My relationship with my then husband was pretty toxic, but I was really sad for my kids so I hung in there. But that wasn’t the best choice for us. It sounds like you were sad because you weren’t in a toxic environment in your home and you did think you were happy?

Jessica: Totally. That’s what brings us to today and why exEXPERTS is here. We know we’re not alone. You’re not either. We know that everyone’s divorce situation is completely different, and obviously, not everyone’s ends from cheating. But despite the fact that we went through it at the exact same time, I actually had a really friendly and amicable divorce, despite those circumstances, and we’re good friends to this day. In fact, we literally just celebrated Jewish holidays together with our kids, the half siblings, ex in laws, and even his new girlfriend.

T.H.: I would never be doing that.

I can say that right now. Because for me, I had a four year mentally and financially draining divorce and one that I really don’t wish on anyone. There were a lot of things that I wish I knew back then that I’m learning now. I’m looking forward to paying it forward to our exEXPERTS community and listeners to help you save time and money but most importantly, your mental sanity.

Jessica: Absolutely, because now 12 years later, we’ve grown. We’ve learned, we’ve been in mature relationships, our kids are older. We want to be able to help use our experiences to empower others to move forward and know that things will be so much better on the other side. We’ve got info and resources directly from the exEXPERTS, both paid and real life experts like us, for you for every stage of the process, and for everything from the legal side to your family and custody, to your finances, to your stuff, to your mindset and yourself. We’re building a supportive community to help guide you and lift you up through what can be a really hard and often lonely process and then help celebrate with you as you move on to a better future.

T.H.: We’ve been where you are. We’ve got happy stories, sad stories, lessons learned. You name it, we’ve got it. You can find the exEXPERTS anywhere and everywhere: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and we have podcasts, newsletters, and more. Everything you need, wherever you want it. We’ve lived it, so we get it.

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