Employability Expert & Earning Capacity Assessment

The Employability Expert


Rona Wexler

Why we chose her:

Rona is an employability expert, which means she’s often hired by courts or lawyers (not by you). But we feel that Rona is the epitome of the employability expert that everyone should be lucky enough to have. Her role is to evaluate the earning potential and employment opportunity of one of the parties, which can be a tough experience to go through. Rona’s approach is very different, and better, than what T.H. experienced during her divorce. Rona has an understanding nature and is very realistic in terms of expectations and opportunities as they relate to future employment, and we think her information can really help people approach their own situation in a more accepting way.


What is an employability expert and what to expect if your spouse is having one in your divorce to discover your earning potential?

An Employability Expert is someone who helps determine earning potential. Rona Wexler explains how it works and T.H. shares her story.