Nationally Recognized Relationship Expert, Counselor & Coach

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Rachel Sussman

Why we chose her:

Rachel wrote a book about recovering from divorce! The Break-up Bible helps guide women in their post divorce, self-evaluation process.  She counsels many men and women to enable them to see what’s possible in their future!

One Thing she wants You To Know:
It takes a village to heal and Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.

Men think differently, men handle situations differently, and, big surprise, men recover from divorce differently. It’s always good to hear the other side.

Relationship coach, Rachel Sussman, says to most men: stop drinking, close the dating app, and let’s focus on YOU. Men suffer just like women.

When you start a divorce, it feels like it’s the worst thing in your life, but through the recovery, you can see that it’s the best thing in your life.

Allowing yourself time to recover, to feel the effects of divorce is part of healing and growing. This is a trauma and moving forward happens slowly.