Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Trained Mediator, Accredited Practitioner in Collaborative Processes (Mental Health Neutral)

Parent Team


Brandyn Roark Caires

Why we chose her:

Brandyn is a REAL LIFE expert, like us, in the world of divorce. She has dedicated her professional career to helping parents co-parent in a way that works for everyone, especially the kids. Her approach is compassionate but structured and has created resources to help your family move forward after divorce.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Kids can THRIVE after divorce. When parents have the tools they need in the divorce process, they CAN keep their kids out of the middle.

Parenting classes are for EVERYONE! The Parent Team created a co-parenting course to help you communicate, coordinate and keep your head on straight!

Parent Team helps parents navigate co-parenting after divorce. They prepare and teach you what you don’t know. Learn some important tips.