LCSW, Sex and Relationship Therapist and Ph.D. Candidate

Carli Blau, Sex Therapist


Carli Blau

Why we chose her:

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!! With Carli, talking about orgasms, vaginas, and hot sex with someone (or yourself) is easier than we thought. We were a bit reserved at first, but then we let the conversation fly and you will too! She makes you feel so comfortable and entitled to joy in your sex and self-pleasure life – you’re going to want to talk to her.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Parents who are divorced, or getting divorced are doing their best to navigate the complexities of managing their love lives, and their lives while growing up at the same time. People are all growing continuously and growth comes with pain. Growing up is about whether we choose differently in the future, or continue what got us into pain the first time. Life is simply about living in the moment and choosing to do things differently to create the lives we want.

You are NOT a whore if you want to have sex, catfishing, and chemistry matters. Those are some of the topics we talk about with sex therapist, Carli.

Sex after divorce is exciting and intimidating. Sex therapist Carli Blau normalizes your questions, concerns and thoughts, especially during this new time.

Learn all you need to know about sex, and stuff you didn’t even think of. Post-divorce sex can be exciting as long as you keep it safe and set boundaries.

Everything sex that you wanted to know, but may have been afraid to ask. Being single again you have a chance to do, and experience, things differently!