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Cherie Morris

Why we chose her:

Cherie Morris is one of those people who you connect with immediately! She has tremendous knowledge based on her professional experience, but also her REAL LIFE experience navigating her own divorce, and is now happily in a blended family. She has learned a lot and can help with parenting, navigating conflict, self-discovery and coping with a new life ahead.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
You can never control what your co-parent will do. You can take care of yourself and advocate for your child. Let go of what isn't working and focus upon what does.
Resources From Cherie:

Dear Divorce Coach’s co-parenting course & guide Co-parenting: What It Is and How We Do It! It includes a video and downloadable guidebook to help you with your co-parenting journey.

This course stands out because Cherie teaches you how to un-hook yourself from conflict to find the peace and joy you deserve. She has real tools to help you! Your happiness doesn’t depend upon your ex, but rather, taking good care of yourself and your kids.

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Divorce is something that happens, but it doesn’t have to take over your life, unless you let it. Divorce sucks, so learn how to move on and let it go!

Parent alienation is when your ex tries to ruin your relationship with your kids. Dear Divorce Coach, Cherie Morris explains how to handle it.

Parent alienation is a horrible experience that affects many divorcing families. Dear Divorce Coach, Cherie Morris, helps guide and support you through it.

Co-parenting is difficult, emotional and overwhelming. Dear Divorce Coach breaks it down in a simple video and with a guidebook to help you navigate it all