Licensed Psychologist

"Banana Splits" Resource Center


Dr. Valerie Raymond

Why we chose her:

Soon after T.H. separated from her husband, she found the Banana Splits Resource Center online. Dr. Raymond is supporting this program to help parents and educators provide support for kids going through divorce, in an elementary school environment.

T.H.’s daughter Samantha, then expanded this program to other schools in their town. YOU can also bring this to your school to help your kids learn that they are not alone, and it’s ok to feel the way they feel AND help you as parents support your kids.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Each day is another opportunity to do better. Don't beat yourself up for your error; confront it frankly within yourself and with your child; and then summon the enthusiasm to do better.

Banana Splits was created to support kids going through a family divorce. YOU can bring this program to your school, Dr. Raymond tells you how.

Ever thought, how does divorce effect children? And think, there really should be a support group for children of divorce. Well, there is!