SVP Human Resources


Jenifer Barkon

Why we chose her:

Jen’s career has been focused in human resources for a variety of companies.  Her priority is to help woman get back into the work force, mentor them on the best ways to build their resume, prep for an interview, value themselves and don’t settle. She’s sharing her knowledge with exEXPERTS so we can give you tips you need to start a career, take on a new path and present yourself to opportunity in the best way possible.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Be authentic and know that not every job is the one for you - nor are you the right candidate for every job. And that’s OK! Get to know the company and it’s employees and values as much as they are getting to know you and yours.

Figuring out how much money you should be making in your job is difficult, but understanding your value is critical so you aren’t underselling yourself.

Finding a job, starting a new career & figuring out how much you should be paid is confusing. We can help guide you so you don’t undersell yourself!

When looking for a job Jen suggests tapping into your skills and being true and authentic will help, even if you stayed home raising kids or had a job.

Finding a job after divorce can be stressful, get the skills, do the resume, create the profile on LinkedIn and bring your confidence!

Getting a new job after divorce can be scary. Learn how to land your post-divorce job, even if it’s been YEARS or the paid working world is new to you.