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Willmore Law Firm

Southern California Region

Joseph Willmore

Why we chose him:

Joseph taught us A LOT during our Divorce etc… recording. He talked about offering a compromise first, how to negotiate without compromising what’s most important to you and so much more – in simple terms (which we appreciate).

One Thing he wants You To Know:
One of the biggest fears with my clients is of course the uncertainty and fear of the unknown. When I empower my clients with the knowledge, set the expectations and outline the plan, a divorce can be fairly predictable, with perhaps only a few exceptions with regard to certain issues. The other end of this is the fear of moving on. Generally, most clients are at rock bottom when they come to me, so really, they are generally only going to go up from here. Helping them see that, and providing them with the motivation and strategy to get there is an added and unique benefit that I provide my clients with.

Finding a settlement-based attorney who focuses on both mediation and litigation and will use the best tools to find the best divorce result.

Divorce sucks, but if you can settle you will save money, time, and heartache. Learn critical tips that could change the direction of your divorce journey.