Author, Speaker, Relationship Expert

"The Love Doctor"


Barry Selby

Why we chose him:

T.H. heard Barry speak in a room on Clubhouse and admittedly was first taken in by his voice (his accent is so soothing), but more importantly, his simple advice regarding loving yourself and respecting yourself really hit home. Barry’s uplifting message is helpful to anyone getting divorced – he sees through the clutter and noise and provides clear and simple advice with attainable goals that, regardless of the intensity of your situation, you can be successful at achieving.

One Thing he wants You To Know:
All of your relationships begin with you, so love yourself first.

Barry Selby, relationship coach and best-selling author of, 50 Ways to Love Your Lover, talks about the “F word,” forgiveness. And it’s NOT what you think!

How to forgive my ex, isn’t really the question you need to be answered. Forgiveness after divorce has a lot less to do with your ex than you might think.

Who are you if you’re not someone’s wife or husband? Understanding who you are and taking care of YOU is critical to recovery after divorce.

Looking in the mirror is hard after divorce. Understanding your relationships with yourself, taking time for self-care is important for your growth.