CEO, MSW, Licensed Social Worker


Helen Archontou

Why we chose her:

Helen is a powerhouse for women and those in need. She’s a REAL LIFE expert like us, but unlike us, she was divorced and had religion play a large role in her separation and annulment AND she didn’t have kids. She has an enlightening perspective, that is important to hear.

One Thing she wants You To Know:
Keeping yourself open to possibilities can help you heal and move forward.

What’s ok? All of it. We’re telling you, it’s ok. What you’re going through, what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking – it’s ok. YOU are ok. And so are we

The stigma of divorce is out there, and change is up to us. Let’s normalize the fact that many marriages don’t work. Stop judging, start supporting!

Just because you don’t share children doesn’t mean your divorce will be a breeze. Helen Archontou, our real-life expert, shares some of her own story.

Sometimes it’s wrongly assumed that a break-up, sans kids, is somehow easier or less painful. Not so much. Helen shares her personal divorce story with us.